is a recently formed string quartet composed of members of the "V. Bellini" Opera Theatre Orchestra in Catania, Italy, who possess significant musical experience in the solo and chamber music fields. Although employed  full-time with the “V. Bellini” Catania Opera House, The desire to express themselves through chamber music inspires the musicians of  the QUARTETTO CONCENTUS to search for harmonic affinities and instrumental cohesion, the prerogatives of any quartet that pursues its activity on a full-time basis.The Quartet's repertoire covers music from the classical period to the 20th century, with particular attention to the lesser-known  late romantic and modern composers. The Quartet also collaborates with the principal players of the Orchestra of the Catania Opera House therefore giving the Quartet the possibilitiy  of widening its repertoire and performing with larger ensembles. In addition, the Quartet is partial to musical experimentation with genres that diverge from the classical quartet literature, such as Jazz standards, Tango, Ragtime and Soudtrack Movie. For that reason the quartet can play both classic and entertainment concerts. Several significant awards have to be considered for the performances of the quartet at the Malta Arts Festival (1998), at the "Concerti Aperitivo" (2004, 2005 and 2008) of the Teatro Bellini, and the important concert in Paris, at "Casa Sicilia" (October 2007) and Catania, at the Teatro Bellini (November 2007).